FBCWdamageOn January 19, 2019 Autauga and Elmore counties were hit by an EF-2 tornado loclized primarily in the city of Wetumpka. 120 to 130 MPH winds knifed a a 300-yard path through the middle of downtown Wetumpka along the Coosa River. 

There was extensive damage done to two local churches however emergency response leaders indicated that the city was very lucky to have only sustained minimal injuries to citizens. Had the church buildings been occupied, the situation would have been entirely different. Both the First Baptist Church and the First Presbyterian Church, located on West Bridge Street, were damaged. The First Presbyterian Church building was erected in 1856 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In all, twenty five private homes sustained extensive damage and the police department also, including the destruction of five police cars. 

In the wake of this very localized, but highly intense weather disaster, the Rotary District 6880 Foundation provided in excess of $11,000 to help rescue, support and rebuild for the citizens of Wetumpka.

Rotary District 6880 Foundation

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