President and Mrs. Trump surveyed the tornado ravaged Lee County area today. He extended his sympathies to the victims' families and praised local officials for a quick and measured response to the disaster.

Senator Doug Jones toured the area yesterday. He explained that cameras do not do justice to the carnage. "It just takes your breath away".


Volunteers have started assisting in the cleanup. The Porch Creek Indians have donated over $180,000 to take care of all funeral expenses for the 23 who lost their lives.

Other notable donations from Regions Bank and the Salvation Army reached over $25,000.

The IRS has announced that those affected have an automatic extension to file. That means any 2018 individual tax returns and payments that were normally due April 15 will instead be due on July 31. The IRS automatically identifies taxpayers in the area and applies filing and payment delay. But affected people who live or have a business outside the covered area must call 1-866-5625227 to request relief.

Distribution Centers remain overstocked. As a result, Rotary
D6880 teamed up with local Rotarians and Auburn High School and transported emergency articles to the District 6880 Emergency Relief Supply Center where it will be held until needed. Anyone in the Montgomery area who wishes to donate items can contact 334-301-0597 and arrange for a drop off.

As the U Haul was pulling away i looked at the camel on the side of the truck. It reminded me of the old story of how it is easier for a camel to pass though the eye of a needle than a rich person to enter into the kingdom of God. What does that message say to you?

Then I thought about the incredible qualities of a camel.
It is a symbol of stamina, patience, endurance, and reaching long-term goals. They are built for the long haul. Like the camel, Rotary has always been in it for the long haul (like polio eradication) and we will do so again for the people of Lee County.

Please keep the citizens of Lee County and other nearby affected areas in your prayers. If you feel led to donate, please do so by sending a check made payable to the Rotary District 6880 Foundation and mail to PDG Linda Mong who manages the account at the following address:

Rotary District 6880 Foundation
c/o PDG Linda Mong / BancorpSouth
30585 State Hwy 225
Spanish Fort, AL 36527

Please keep the people of Lee County in your thoughts and prayers.

Rotary District 6880 Foundation

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