beauregardsignOur hearts are with the people of Alabama after the intense destruction caused by a recent EF4 tornado with winds as high as 170 miles per hour near the town of Beauregard, in Lee County on Sunday, March 3rd. Numerous tornadoes in eastern Alabama severed acres of trees, destroyed almost 200 homes, damaged more than 340 more and left hundreds of residents shaken, homeless and displaced. Regretfully, 23 people lost their lives to the catastrophic weather, including nine members of a single family.

The debris and devastation are indescribable and so many families are left to pick up the physical pieces of their homes and begin to mend the psychological demolition left in the wake of this tragedy.

As we do in times of crisis, Rotarians responded. Individuals, churches, nonprofit organizations and national relief agencies have descended upon east Alabama to help begin the healing. Rotary is there as well, helping coordinate the Volunteer Resource Center and providing donations and supplies from local clubs. But we could do so much more with your help!

Please consider how your financial gift, made through the Rotary District 6880 Foundation, could provide comfort and a shoulder to lean on for those who have lost everything except hope.

If you would like to donate to the Lee County Disaster Relief Fund, CLICK HERE

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