In September of 2018, hurricane Florence, a powerful and long-lived hurricane caused highly catastrophic damage throughout the Carolinas. Most damage was due to freshwater flooding, as winds had died down as it came inland. Florence dropped a  little over 35 inches of rain on Elizabethtown, North Carolina. This rated it the wettest tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Carolinas, as well as the eighth-wettest overall in the history of the United States. Originating off the west coast of Africa on August 30, 2018, Florence progressed along a west-northwest trajectory acquiring tropical storm strength on September 1. A rapid intensification ensued on September 4–5 as Florence becoming a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph.

Search and rescue efforts were amassed and converged from around the U.S., with many units from the South East, including the Cajun Navy Rescue, and many others. 

The Rotary District 6880 Foundation contributed $1,000 toward relief efforts.

Rotary District 6880 Foundation

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